Book Reviews

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“Compulsively readable – superbly narrated. This is testimony to one person’s life with a multitude of facets, intellectual energy, courage, wit, selfless determination, and an absolute lack of fear in his continual quest to conquer life’s hurdles and achieve success. . The pages of this book, filled with sorrow, suspense, love, insight, wisdom and dry humour, challenge the world-weary notion that human beings have lost the capacity to change things. The Final Audit captivates, educates and enriches the soul”.

- Karen Scher, Weizmann Hezlia United Group of Schools

“I was unable to put your book down until I finished reading it at 2am. Your masterpiece shares much in common with the great artists that you so richly describe. Your book is like a painting with the artist’s attention to detail on the subject matter, whilst applying broad strokes in the background.”

- Steven Weinberg

“Our company would dearly love to be involved in making the movie. It is a wonderful, moving and riveting story.”

- Kweku Mandela, Out of Africa Entertainment

“I congratulate you on producing an immensely readable, enthralling book which narrates a gripping tale – or two –

whilst sharing a valuable and refreshingly positive philosophy and wisdom. I am genuinely honoured and gratified to have received an autographed “advance copy” of your work. Rest assured that I shall be purchasing not only my own copy, but also copies for many of my friends.”

- Steve Flavin, Literary Critic

“Seven different award winning movies could be made out of this one book”.

- David Westhead, Wilton Pictures

“I am in awe of the story, the way it is written and the man whose life it portrays ….. compelling and impossible to put the book down.”

- Veronica Coetzer, Photographic Director & Adjudicator

“Carnie Matisonn has created a wondrous, breathtakingly vivid, grand and intimate work. He is doubly blessed with a poet’s vision and a realist’s eye. I enjoyed this magnificent book immensely, and was deeply moved, entertained and amazed by the writer’s integration of realism and humanity, with contemporary history and innate wisdom.”

- Cantor Koransky, New York

“The experiences so well narrated in your story will live with me for the duration of my lifetime. My exciting and emotional journey through this delightful book ended this morning with tears of joy and gratitude streaming down my cheeks. I am honored to have had my life touched by this remarkable author.”

- Raymond Johnston

“A phenomenal and brilliantly written, riveting and thought provoking story of one man’s extraordinary life.”

- Christine de Nobrega, Professional Editors Group